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The Kargro Group Holding, based in Montfoort, is involved in the circular processing of demounted truck and passenger car tires in the broadest sense of the word. On the one hand, the circular processing of tires focuses on recovering valuable raw materials from tires and, on the other hand, extending the lifespan of quality casings by applying special tire retreading techniques. These techniques allow the service life of a demounted commercial truck tire to be extended by a factor of three.

In addition to the circular processing of demounted tires, the Kargro Group is constantly on the lookout for product and process improvement, and thereby anticipates the increasing global demand for the circular reuse of valuable raw materials.

For the Kargro Group, sustainability is a condition for doing business together with global customers and governments on a similar wavelength.

The independent Kargro Group collaborates with tire producers, specialists, and universities to improve its products with regards to reuse and performance.  The Kargro Group is an excellent example of a sustainable business, for which the preservation of a healthy living environment and planet are paramount.

The Kargro Group has five subsidiaries, all of which play a specific role in circular tire processing.

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Lintire BV, based in Vianen, collects demounted passenger car tires from tire specialists. Selected car tires are reused, and rejected tires are processed into shreds, after which they are processed into granulates and fine rubber powders in Nederweert, in addition, regained steel out of the process is subsequently sold to iron smelters.

Kargro Banden BV selects and approves demounted commercial truck tires at tire specialists and transport companies. The company purchases casings that are suitable for retreading. Alternatively, tires that can no longer be retreaded are directly transported (at gate fee costs) to sister company Kargro Recycling.

Kargro Recycling BV, based in Nederweert, receives scrap tires from Lintire and Kargro Banden for processing. Kargro Recycling subsequently processes scrap tires into granulates and fine powders, which are reused in various applications. In addition, high-quality steel from tires is recovered and sold to iron smelters.

Banden Plan Europa BV: All retreaded tires are provided with the brand names:  UBO (following a hot retreading process), or Marangoni (following a patented cold retreading process). Banden Plan Europa has three production lines, of which two in Montfoort and one in Nieuwmoer (Belgium). Banden Plan Europa is affiliated with Bipaver, the European umbrella organisation of the independent tire retreading industry.

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