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Worldwide in casings

Kargro Banden BV is a key player in the circular processing of commercial vehicle tyres.

Kargro Banden selects and approves dismantled truck-tyre casings at tyre specialists and transport and truck tyre companies. Casings that are suitable for tread renewal will be purchased. Alternatively, casings that can no longer be retreaded will be immediately transported (for a fee) to our sister company Kargro Recycling. Kargro Recycling subsequently mills rejected tyres into granulates and fine powders, which are reused in various applications. In addition, high-quality steel from tyres is recovered and sold to iron smelters.

Every day, 18 of our inspectors inspect dismantled commercial vehicle tyres on location. Kargro Banden has 26 EURO 6 truck combinations to transport selected tyres in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Northern France to our head office in Montfoort. From the head office in Montfoort, transport activities throughout Europe are supported by an experienced logistics department.

Kargro Banden does not provide its recycling service in other parts of Europe. Quality casings, tailored to size, are purchased only through local traders.  Transport in these countries is provided by external contractors.

In the Netherlands, Kargro Banden has two large storage sites, one in Montfoort and one in Emmeloord.  At the central location in Montfoort, all approved tyres are sorted by brand and size. Following this sorting process, the tyres are stored at either the Montfoort or Emmeloord location. All approved casings are sold to worldwide tyre specialists and tyre renewal factories. Quality casings are exported to over 40 countries, where the tyres are provided with new treads in local tyre renewal factories.

The Kargro Group has its own tyre retreading production lines in Montfoort and Nieuwmoer (Belgium).

Subsidiary Banden Plan Europa BV applies new treads to approved casings. All retreaded tyres are provided with UBO, or Marangoni product names. The Kargro Group is affiliated with Bipaver, the European umbrella organisation of the independent tyre retreading industry. Thanks to tread renewal, quality casings can last three times as long.

CRS: Kargro Banden inspects dismantled commercial vehicle tyres, commissioned by customers, using its so-called Casing Registration System (CRS). This is a unique, independent, cost-saving, and digital processing system for customers of Kargro Banden BV.  The corresponding inspection data provides tyre owners, transport companies, and tyre specialists with insight into the wear process of their commercial vehicle tyres, but also analyses for early failure. As a result, the return on mileage contracts can be optimised. The data can be evaluated both online and on location in Montfoort.

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