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Banden Plan Europa

Banden Plan Europa is a pan-European leader in the retreading market that has embedded the circular business model at the center of its operations and offering. The company's objective is to provide quality and performing retreads to its clients while redefining the retread experience.

From developing optimal retreading technologies to supporting fleets of vehicles with their tyres, the firm dedicates itself to its clients and the future of retreads. By partnering up with innovative actors, such as Marangoni, the factories work around the clock to provide their customers with the highest quality retreads.

The mission is to redefine the retreading industry and its perception by bringing to the market tyres that have less rolling resistance, more grip, and a longer life cycle.


All tyres going through the Kargro Group cycle that are deemed fit for retreading are sent to the retreading plants of Banden Plan Europa, located in Montfoort and Kalmthout.

The processed tyres follow both a hot retreading method (UBO) and a patented cold retreading method (Marangoni). All processes and outputs are bound to strict inspection methods and the highest standards of quality certifications that guarantee the safety, quality, and performance of all tyres coming out of these production lines.

The Banden Plan Europa Market

The Banden Plan Europa offering enables companies to operate their fleets reliably and cost- effectively while meeting their sustainability agenda. The company is represented by its own sales professionals and its partners established all over Europe.

Speed, agility, and results are at the core of the business. Companies can have their tyres picked up and retreaded with a complete collection to retread a timeline of two to three weeks. The techniques and patented methods used by Banden Plan Europa can extend the lifetime of demounted commercial truck tyres by a factor of three.

The Kargro Group is a Bipaver affiliate. BIPAVER is widely regarded as the European retread industry's most active and influential trade association, representing National retreading associations and leading suppliers to the retreading industry from 11 Member States.