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Lintire, a natural choice

Founded in 1981, Lintire is an internationally-operating company specializing in collecting and circularly processing worn passenger car tyres. With increasing global demand, its international commercial network is growing exponentially. Lintire’s reputation for quality and reliability are the main drivers of its growth.


Lintire, based in Vianen, collects the worn passenger car tyres from tyre specialists in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. The logistics are all planned, optimized, and managed to satisfy environmental and customer standards.

The collected tyres are unloaded at the sorting lines in Vianen, where they are inspected by the experts and assessed to be suitable for reuse or shredding. If the inspectors dispatch a tyre to be recycled, it is transported to Kargro Recycling in Nederweert.

When the experts deem a tyre ready for reuse, the tyres are stored according to size and quality. Once classified and stored, the tyres are ready to be exported to our international customer network.

The Lintire Market

Lintire’s commercial network is expanding globally and has established its presence in key markets. Lintire stands for quality and reliability by providing clients with certified products and deliveries powered by superior logistics. Once orders are placed, the tyres are processed and loaded into container trucks for immediate delivery. Upon request, tyres can be doubled (2 in 1) or tripled (3 in 1) for efficient worldwide overseas transport.

From its processing plant to the development of its efficient logistics, Lintire has secured an operating model capable to supply the fluctuating market demand.