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Kargro Recycling

Kargro Recycling specializes in extracting valuable compounds originating from End-of-Life truck tyres. Being a unique asset to the Kargro Group, the company was founded in 1982 with a mission to solve the environmental impact derived from wasted End-of-Life truck tyres. Today, the Kargro Recycling plant processes and recycles over 60.000 tons of truck tyres per year.

Kargro Recycling has always invested in product innovations, plant processing, and logistic development. The fluctuating market demand for product improvements and circular waste solutions has led to Kargro Recycling’s participation in new research projects, such as conducting research into de-vulcanization technologies.


Kargro Recycling receives its scrap tyres from Lintire and Kargro Banden for processing and embodies the next stage in the Kargro circular process. Scrap tyres received in Nederweert are then processed into granulates and fine powders, which can be reused in various applications. In addition to this, high-quality steel is extracted from the scrap tyres and sold to iron smelters.

The company has an extensive list of products and applications that range from roofing & flooring to asphalt & adhesives. There is a broad spectrum of products with multi-industry applications produced through tyre recycling. These deliver value to countless projects worldwide and contribute to the maximization of the tyre utility and circular economy.

The Kargro Recycling Market

The company ensures its customers with consistent production of rubber powders and granulates of a high-quality standard. The development of internationally accepted quality certifications has enabled overseas customers to purchase trusted granulates and fine powders from Kargro.

The company has made the products available to its customers directly from stock and can organize delivery across the world within the agreed-to deadlines.

The applications obtained from the granulates and fine powders require more customized work, which Kargro Recycling can deliver through its close cooperation with partners, should their involvement be necessary.