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Kargro Worldwide in Casings

Kargro is a leader in the circular processing of commercial vehicle tires. It operates by actively purchasing, storing, selling, and transporting tires on an international basis.


The company sources its tires from tire specialists and transport companies. It then conducts thorough inspections, selections, and approvals of the dismantled truck tire casings.

The outcome of this assessment and selection is straightforward. Either the casings are eligible for retreading and will thus be purchased and sent to Banden Plan Europa; or their lifespan can no longer be extended and they are transported, against a fee, to Kargro Recycling.

Tires are inspected daily by large teams of best-in-class inspectors. All approved tires during the selection process are sorted by brand and size, after which they are stored either in the Montfoort facilities or the Emmeloord ones.

The Kargro Market

Kargro operates twenty-seven EURO 6 trucks that handle the transport of inspected and selected tires in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Northern France to the head office in Montfoort. All selected and collected quality casings are purchased only through local traders within the aforementioned countries.

All casings that have been approved, sorted, and stored are sold to a global market of tire specialists and tire renewal factories. Kargro is currently exporting its quality casings to over 40 countries worldwide. All logistics are planned and managed by the logistics department in Montfoort.

Casing Registration System

The Kargro inspections occur with the support of the Casing Registration System. A unique, independent, cost-saving, and digital processing system for customers of Kargro.

The system provides the company’s customers with insights into the wear process of their commercial vehicle tires. In addition, it analyzes early failure and can optimize the return on mileage contracts. All data emerging from this system can be evaluated online and on location.‍