A tyre having four cycles of lives

A tyre having four cycles of lives


Good fleet management can lead to a tyre having four cycles of lives:

Cycle 1:
The tyre is mounted new on a vehicle.

Cycle 2:
After the first use phase, the tyre is regrooved. In that case, existing profiles of a used tyre are cut deeper with a specially designed knife. Regrooving of tyres is only allowed if this is indicated on the sidewall of the tyre with the word "regroovable".

Cycle 3:
If the profile of the tyre has worn out to a large extent after the first regrooving cycle , the tyre can be fitted with a new tread after a thorough inspection and approval.

Cycle 4:
If the profile of the retreaded tyre has worn to a large extent, it can be regrooved again.

These four tyre cycles can extend the life of the tyre by 250% compared to the tyre that is sent for processing after one use phase. In this way, many raw materials and oil are saved. 15 kg of waste is prevented per re-profiling and 55 kg of waste per renewal (postponing the use of a new tyre). And finally, the km/cost price of the tyre will be positively influenced.


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